Every Horse Has His Day

We make sure our Clydesdales come from top of the line ancestry, but there’s another element that completes the package and tip the scale toward great overall performance.


Effective training takes time, patience, talent, and dedication- all characteristics the Schwindamans/Cowskin Creek Farm know(s) well. It’s our passion. It’s our life. We love to see our Clydesdales shine in the spotlight.

The Process:

  • Our foals are delicately handled from birth.
  • To get them accustomed to the show arena, we show them as weanlings.
  • At the age of two, they learn to drive.
  • We begin by driving them for several hours.
  • They are then introduced to the training cart single.
  • When they’re ready, we integrate them into a team with an experienced horse.
  • We expose them to as many stimuli as we can to help ensure their safety and the safety of others.